We designed the Zeus 2Q robotic kit to use with some of the most common single board computers that are out in the market like NVIDIA Jetson. This puts the user at the advantage of deciding the platform they want to work on, while programming it using cutting edge tools in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Zeus 2Q uses a Linux based system and a collection of open source software for all his functions.

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programming YOUR ROBOTIC KIT

One of the biggest advantages of the design aspects of STW’s humanoid robotic framework is that everything runs on his onboard computer. The communication and interaction with any person can be modified for a specific function or based on specific response requirements, thereby developing a unique character to Zeus 2Q.

This humanoid robot has full R.O.S. (Robot Operating System), capabilities. Using the publish and subscribe protocols that the different nodes communicate with each other, you can expect the operating system to provide services like low-level device control, hardware abstraction, message-passing between processes, package management and other commonly used functions of a robot.

Because of this flexible framework, the software for operating Zeus2Q is fully customizable. Based on your experience and enthusiasm, you can take the level of this functionality to the next level!

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We have developed our own control board. The Humanoid Robot Control Board offers a reliable connection between the battery and the Servos, providing up to 10 amps of power. It features (2) 18 ports for controlling the main Mini Maestro Servo. The board also includes a 5V power converter for powering additional components. A custom designed controller board can offer advantages such as better performance, greater flexibility, and lower cost compared to using multiple off-the-shelf components. They can also be tailored to meet specific requirements, such as the number and type of inputs and outputs, communication protocols, and processing power.


Here are some of the key features of the Zeus2Q:

Open-source: The Zeus2Q is an open-source robot, which means that anyone can modify the hardware or software. This makes it a great platform for learning about robotics and artificial intelligence.

Customizable: The Zeus2Q is highly customizable. You can change the look and feel of the robot, as well as its capabilities. This makes it a great platform for research and experimentation.

Affordable: The Zeus2Q is a relatively affordable robot. This makes it a great option for students and hobbyists.

Zeus 2q


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